Do-it-yourself augmented reality gaining momentum

Hand made augmented reality

Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Eye could unlock the future for augmented reality

As augmented reality technology becomes more advanced, it is also becoming more accessible. This has made the technology more appealing to the do-it-yourself community. In the DIY world, the Microsoft Kinect has become quite popular for its ability to make use of augmented reality technology. The Kinect is equipped with high-tech motion capture cameras that can be used in tandem with augmented reality to construct dynamic digital experiences. The Kinect is not alone in the field as it shares territory with the Playstation Eye, a similar system that also works well with augmented reality. Combining these systems has unlocked something quite innovative.

New system turns coffee tables into digital interfaces

Bastian Broecker, a forum member of the Natural User Interface Group, a research community specializing in using natural surfaces for user interfaces, has combined the Eye and Kinect to create an innovative interface. The combined system can turn an ordinary coffee table into a digital interface that contains a variety of interactive elements, which can be used to control the various aspects of a household. The system makes use of motion tracking software to monitor the movements of a person’s head. The digital interface will change to accommodate the person’s view in order to make use more intuitive.


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The system shares similar properties with Microsoft Surface

The system is designed to be a building platform upon which other programs can be used. In this way, it is similar to an operating system for a computer. Broecker’s is not the only augmented reality interface in the world. Microsoft has a similar system dubbed Microsoft Surface. Both systems are meant to provide a different service to those using them, but they share a common concept.

Practical augmented reality becoming more popular

The practicality of augmented reality has been gaining more attention in recent years. The technology is often praised for its uses in entertainment, but it could have profound implications for more diverse applications. Broecker believes that augmented reality, if implemented appropriately, could help people with daily activities.

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