4 Things You Need To Learn To Get Started With Electronics

DIY Electronics

If making your own electronic device sounds far too complicated for you ever to contemplate, you might want to reconsider. Electronics has never been more accessible as a hobby. There is a lot to learn, but the resources to learn it are easily available. Below are four things that anyone can do to prepare themselves to start taking on DIY electronics projects. Learn About PCBs Printed circuit boards are essential to modern electronics. Every electronic device in your home has a PCB at its center, no matter how simple or…

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Facebook unveils the Infinite Office VR platform

The social media company is trying to sell the idea of productivity through a virtual experience. Facebook has unveiled a new VR platform in its lineup called Infinite Office. The concept may be well timed, considering the number of companies that have their employees working from home due to the pandemic. Moreover, many are now wondering if they can reduce or even eliminate their need for physical office space. Virtual reality has been strongly linked to entertainment and highly technical experiences. Facebook is aiming to use Infinite Office to help…

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