Mobile security attacks grow as phones are used for more daily activities

Mobile security - Security Breach

As smartphone users turn to their devices to complete more tasks, hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities. People are increasingly turning to their phones to complete their regular daily activities and as this trend grows, so does the number of mobile security attacks. Hackers see the use of smartphones for personal and work purposes as a prime opportunity. The more people use their smartphones to complete work and personal tasks, the more hackers are seeing vulnerabilities that they can exploit. This, according the fifth annual Mobile Security Index (MSI) from Verizon. That…

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PayPal and PACE Telematics roll out mobile payments at gas stations

Mobile payments - gas pump

The companies are working together to let European customers pay at the pump with phones or smartwatches. PACE Telematics, a fuel station mobile payments provider based in Germany, has teamed up with PayPal to make it possible for customers to pay at the pump with their smartphones, Apple Watches or Android smartwatches. The transaction process at the European stations is expected to be quick, easy and secure. More than 1,000 gas stations in Europe already offer mobile payments using PayPal and smartwatches. They include Hoyer, BayWa, and team energie. More…

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Instagram encourages teens to take a social media break

Social media break - IG app

The platform has rolled out new safety features ahead of testifying before US lawmakers. Immediately before the head of the company was slated to face US lawmakers on the subject of child safety online, Instagram launched a new feature to encourage teens to take a social media break from the platform. This feature has been rolled out in a number of different countries including the United States and Canada. The Take a Break program was created to tell teen users to take a social media break when they’ve been using…

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France requests removal of Wish from app stores and search engines

App stores - App removal request

The country wants the popular e- and mobile commerce application removed and the website hidden. A number of French ministers together issued a statement through which they are asking top search engines and mobile app stores to remove consumer access to Wish, the popular e- and mobile commerce platform. The application and website work as a marketplace so merchants can sell and ship directly to customers. The reason the French ministers want Wish taken down from app stores and search engines is that they say that the platform makes it…

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Nike files 7 trademark applications for virtual fashion products like shoes

Virtual Fashion - Image of Nike running shoe

The American sportswear brand appears ready for the creation of digital clothing. Nike has been taking the first steps needed to start creating a range of virtual fashion products following the filing of seven different trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The company is focused on “downloadable virtual goods” for “online and in online virtual worlds” The American brand’s easily recognizable checkmark-like logo and basketball player logo have been included in the virtual fashion applications, as has its well known Just Do It slogan. Such augmented or…

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