Will Google’s Gemini take artificial intelligence to the next level?

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Though OpenAI has been the solid leader in generative AI technology, Google aims to change that.

Google is hoping that its Gemini generative artificial intelligence will be a game changer in the category that has been led by OpenAI’s ChatGPT by a large margin since 2022.

ChatGPT has been leading the way by a considerable amount since it was first introduced.

The latest version of GPT-4 is the latest LLM of OpenAI and is widely thought of as the most capable generative artificial intelligence model currently available.

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That said, Google has its own AI models, including a large language model family called PaLM. The PaLM 2 generation was announced in May. That version is for Google’s internal use for a series of different applications as well as being available to customers of Google Cloud.

Though PaLM 2 may not be as powerful as GPT-4, the company has a new model up its sleeve called Gemini that could either match or even be more powerful than the ubiquitous OpenAI offering. Gemini was recently unveiled as the most powerful AI model Google has so far. It was created from scratch to understand text, but also audio, code, and images. According to Google, there are several AI benchmarks at which it is notably superior to GPT-4.

Bloomberg Intelligence predicted that the generative artificial intelligence would hit $1.3 trillion in ten years.

Though forecasts regarding the value of the technology do vary, reaching $1.3 trillion in ten years would be an exceptional growth from the $40 billion it reached last year. Most of that total will be composed of hardware and infrastructure. That said, generative AI software is still expected to bring in revenue of around $280 billion by the close of 2032.

If Google can achieve leadership with its AI model, it would be advantageous for the company in several ways. To start, Gemini could power growth for the company’s computing business.

The second most capable Gemini model, Gemini Pro, launched December 13 on the Google Cloud. The most powerful model, Gemini Ultra will roll out following additional tweaks and safety checks.

Gemini will also provide Google with the opportunity to enhance its own services and apps. The Bard artificial intelligence chatbot tool is already using an altered version of Gemini Pro, and the company intends to incorporate AI into Search, Chrome, Ads and other products in coming months and years.

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