Apple Pay to launch in Canada today

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AMEX has confirmed that the iPhone based mobile payments service is coming to Canadian consumers.

The mobile payments solution for iPhone owners, Apple Pay, is going to launch in Canada today, according to American Express from that country, as well as a growing number of news reports.

Several customer service reps from the credit card giant have confirmed the launch of the iPhone payments service.

These claims are being taken seriously as American Express is the first financing institution with which the iPhone maker has partnered for its Apple Pay rollout in Canada. The claim is that the launch of the mobile payments service in Canada will coincide with the iOS 9.2 rollout. The beta version of that operating system has been available to testers since November 10.

Apple Pay has been available in the United States since the iPhone 6 was first launched, back in 2014.

apple pay store augmented realitySpeculations have been made about a potential launch date for the iPhone mobile payments service in Canada since the time that it was first announced in the U.S. That said, in true Apple form, the company has been quite tight lipped about the actual launch date until just recently.

Back in October, Time Cook, Apple CEO, confirmed that by the end of the year both Canadian and Australian would have this mobile wallet service available to them. Moreover, Cook also stated that at some point in 2016, Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong would also be added to the list of countries that would be using their iPhones to pay for goods and services in brick and mortar stores. This expansion has a great deal to do with a partnership between Apple and American Express.

The reason Apple Pay has been somewhat slower to arrive in Canada is because the banks in that country are said to have delayed the launch because of extended negotiations in order to be able to charge higher interchange fees. That said, American Express has stated that this has all been resolved to the point that the service is ready to launch and will finally be doing so today.

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