TripAdvisor app launched on the BlackBerry platform

TripAdvisor application

TripAdvisor application

Wikitude introduces TripAdvisor application to BlackBerry

Wikitude, a developer of mobile augmented reality applications, has launched its new TripAdvisor app for the BlackBerry mobile platform. The application utilizes augmented reality technology to provide users with detailed information regarding their travels around the world. Augmented reality is beginning to gain attention for its uses in the tourism industry. The technology could help travelers find their way around unfamiliar cities and even locate restaurants and other such venues that they may be interested in.

App leverages augmented reality to provide travels with information

TripAdvisor is capable of providing consumers with detailed digital images of hotels, restaurants, and other attractions. The application is designed to use augmented reality to help travelers plan out their trips and draws upon the reviews of more than 75 million consumers who have visited popular tourist attractions all over the world. Users of the application can pull up these reviews in real time by pointing their camera at a particular location that is documented in the TripAdvisor database.

TripAdvisor may prove to be a valuable tool for tourists

Wikitude notes that augmented reality gives consumers an opportunity to see and interact with the world around them in a new way. The technology has garnered praise in this respect, especially amongst consumers who are eager to make use of cutting-edge technology in their daily lives. The application is powered by Wikitude’s augmented reality software, which has gained acclaimed in the augmented reality space and has been a powerful influence in the mobile applications market. The application will make use of several of the features inherent in the BlackBerry platform in order to provide users with a more intuitive experience.

Augmented reality gaining momentum in the tourism sector

Augmented reality is expected to begin playing a larger role I the travel and tourism industries. The technology has shown its capabilities in providing travelers with access to information that is important to them. As such, companies that specialize in travel and tourism services are beginning to take the use of augmented reality more seriously.

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