Social media marketing for businesses differs from one network to the next

mobile Social media marketing

Many companies are asking themselves which is best for their own results. Though Facebook is holding its top place well ahead in the social media marketing environment, Google+ recently overtook Twitter for the second place, causing many to wonder if positions will continue to change over the next little while. It is also causing businesses to take a second look at Google+, which has been underestimated for a while. Small businesses, especially, are beginning to discover that there are some considerable advantages to social media marketing using Google+ instead of…

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Radisson launches new social media marketing campaign driven by QR codes

Radisson Edwardian Hotel Chain QR Code Campaign

  Social media is universally recognizable. More people are connected to some form of social network than ever before, partly due to the expansion of mobile technology. The extreme popularity of social media sites has never been more apparent to businesses that are beginning to adapt to a changing world, both socially and technologically. Now social networks have become a popular venue for marketing campaigns, particularly those looking to capitalize on interactivity through the use of QR codes. Radisson Edwardian, a prominent hotel chain in the UK, is one such…

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Hitting a Bull’s-eye with Marketing 3.0 Theory

  When you cross marketing with social media, you get a transformation that has changed the way people see advertising. According to CEO Daniel Morel, this area of marketing is still in its infant stage; but it is going to make a tremendous impact. It’s referred to as, Marketing 3.0. Daniel Morel is CEO of the largest global marketing services’ network in the world, called Wunderman. Morel says that Wunderman is all about the aggregation of data and the real time fabrication of marketing. Marketing 3.0 has four main parts;…

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The three S’s of mobile marketing today: Shop, Socialize and Scan!

With well over 5 billion people subscribing to mobile services, it’s no wonder that the mobile internets use has gone ballistic. Mobile internet is growing bigger, faster than traditional desktop internet did; and use of mobile internet is driving the mobile device growth rate at a phenomenal speed compared to any past (computer) technology. The newest technologies are merging the digital and physical world; with real-time speed.   It’s hard to believe that the first mobile phone call was made back in the 1970’s. It is equally hard to imagine…

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