Mobile commerce industry leaders join forces

Mobile Commerce Industry

ShopSavvy, a leading mobile shopping assistant platform, has announced their partnership with ShareSquare, a marketing platform specializing in QR codes. The pair has unveiled plans to release a new service for both marketers and consumers. The platform being developed aims to provide both with an optimum QR code experience unlike any other. As per the agreement, both companies will begin promoting the other through their normal services. Alexander Muse, CEO of ShopSavvy, wants to see QR codes put to good use in the marketing world. “So many marketers have experimented…

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The temperature rises on projected consumer scanning trends

Mobile Commerce News

The approach of summer could mean big things for mobile marketing, according to Sharesquare CEO Matthias Galcia. Sharesquare is a startup based in Los Angeles, California, that specializes in mobile marketing with an emphasis on QR codes. As the days grow longer and warmer, people are more inclined to go outside and adopt more active lifestyles. While they may be stepping away from the TV and magazines, they won’t be letting go of their smart phones. Galcia believes that summer will show a massive increase in QR awareness as consumers…

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QR codes can be a powerful tool for business owners today

QR Codes

Several web-based platforms are popping up, aiming to help people to better understand QR codes and how they work. The barcodes are often seen as obscure, blocky patterns that have more in common with abstract modern art than advertising. This unfamiliarity is slowing the acceptance of the codes somewhat in western society. As more companies begin to incorporate the codes, these web platforms are emerging to combat the misconceptions surrounding the codes. QR codes are a powerful marketing tool, enabling businesses to connect with consumers in real-time. The codes have…

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ShareSquare makes all the right connections

Snap Shot of ShareSquare Website

ShareSquare, a platform that connects audiences with the entertainment industry, made a strong showing at this year’s South by South West conference. They have launched their new initiative today that will make use of QR codes. The company will also offer a content management system that will let clients easily customize the codes as well as obtain real-time analytics. This year’s conference, held in Texas, was overrun with QR codes. As the barcodes become more popular, more companies specializing in their use are beginning to emerge. Mobile technology is likely…

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Plans move forward for ShareSquare

  Los Angeles based company, ShareSquare, announced funds raised for their beta mobile QR code platform. The company has received $150,000 from investors with a total $500,000 needed to be fully funded. The company is focusing mainly around the music and entertainment business. Their services in tale promotional goods like posters, flyers, bumper stickers especially designed for music artists with QR code technology. This allows for fans to peruse through related information, exclusive content (ads placed within), music videos, and contests…all via a web based app. Also, with this cutting…

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