Mobile marketing is the present, not just the future

Isis mobile commerce wallet

Those who say that it’s hasn’t arrived have missed its start. For several years, people have been saying that mobile marketing is on its way, and companies of all sizes have been taking part in various forms of its methods and techniques. Yet some still insist that it hasn’t yet arrived. Though it isn’t too late to begin mobile marketing, any brands that are still waiting for it to officially start before they begin to put their funds into it will only miss the prime opportunity to reach out to…

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AT&T provides small and medium companies with mobile multimedia marketing solution

AT&T mobile security technology news

AT&T is offering small and medium businesses a new Messaging Toolkit, which allows them to offer their customers real-time special offers, promotions, and product updates that can help them to bring their companies to the next level. The toolkit gives these companies the opportunity to take advantage of multimedia mobile marketing solutions in a do-it-yourself format which can be accessed from a web-based cloud platform that is simple for them to use. The Messaging Toolkit by AT&T has everything that a small or medium size business needs to implement a…

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Macy’s takes a new approach to shopping online with the help of augmented reality

Macy Virtual Dressing Room

When shopping for clothes online, it can be tricky to find the right fit. Retailers do well to show how their clothes fit on models, but this often presents a less-than-accurate representation of the average consumer. Macy’s is taking a new approach to this by adopting augmented reality. Augmented reality has been used by retailers in the past to present consumers with a virtual fitting room, allowing them to try on digital clothing. Macy’s new AR system will help consumers find the best fit for their body and the company…

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Forrester Research sees benefits and drawbacks to using m-commerce vendors


A study conducted by Forrester Research Inc., for, entitled “The State of Retailing Online 2011,” has shown that 33 percent of retailers participating in mobile commerce have hired technology vendors specializing in m-commerce to assist them with their mobile website or app. It also found that there were a lower number of retailers that chose to build their m-commerce in-house, that hired e-commerce vendors, or that opted for another strategy altogether. According to Peter Sheldon, a Forrester Research analyst, mobile commerce has grown from a small emerging channel that…

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Retailers use the power of mobile to enhance the in-store experience

Mobile commerce for Retailers

As the back to school season hits its peak, retailers are taking advantage of the fact that an increasing number of consumers are using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to comparison shop or obtain information while they are making decisions regarding a purchase. Though brick-and-mortar stores are still using apps to help with online purchases, they are also building apps to help consumers to have an enhanced experience while they are already inside the store. They are trying to improve the way that customers shop, so that…

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