Aramark looks to expand into mobile commerce

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Aramark has partnered with Tapingo to bring mobile services to universities in the US Aramark has announced that it has begun integrating its services into the mobile commerce service Tapingo. Aramark providers food services, facility management, and uniforms throughout the world and has now taken a strong interest in the mobile commerce space. Through the partnership with Tapingo, Aramark will be deploying new services to more than 25 universities in the United States. The service may be well received by students that have become very reliant on their mobile devices.…

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Snapdeal enhances its mobile platform through MartMobi acquisition

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The online marketplace is hoping to use its new purchase to be able to boost its m-commerce capabilities. Snapdeal has now acquired an m-commerce company that it will use to be able to boost its own mobile platform and enhance its capabilities. As of the writing of this article, the specifics regarding the financials of this deal have not been released. This will give Snapdeal access to the various solutions MartMobi has created for small and medium sized businesses. The mobile platform at MartMobi was becoming well established in India…

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MasterCard to launch new mobile commerce platform in UAE

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New platform to be released in the United Arab Emirates later this year MasterCard is preparing to increase its mobile commerce efforts in the United Arab Emirates. The country has become a very prominent mobile market, with smartphone penetration rising rapidly. As mobile devices begin to play a more significant role in the lives of consumers throughout the country, they are looking for services that allow them to shop online directly from these devices. MasterCard is set to launch a new mobile wallet that may be able to accommodate the…

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US Bancorp and Monitise aim to take on mobile commerce

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Companies come together to develop new mobile commerce platform Mobile commerce has been seeing some strong growth throughout the U.S. Many people are beginning to use their mobile devices to shop online more regularly and these people tend to spend more money through their mobile devices than they would normally spend at physical stores. U.S. Bancorp has plans to take advantage of the growing craze surrounding mobile shopping by developing a shopping application of its own. To accomplish this task, the organization has partnered with Monitise. Demand among consumers continues…

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Mobile commerce acquisition made by Shopgate

Mobile commerce industry partnership

The company has made its first purchase of another company, Magento Integration. Shopgate, the mobile commerce platform based in Palo Alto and in Germany, has now made its very first acquisition in the form of the purchase of the developer of Magento, MagCorp, which is backed by both Northcap and Creathor Ventures. Many are deeming this more as an aqui-hire than a complete acquisition of another company. When this acquisition is complete, it will have the four developers behind MagCorp becoming a part of the existing team of 132 people…

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PayPal sees a bright future in mobile commerce

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PayPal expects e-commerce to become mobile-centric in the coming years PayPal has been finding a great deal of success in the mobile space, especially where e-commerce is concerned. The company has been focusing more heavily on mobile payments in recent months in order to establish a stronger presence in the mobile sector. This aligns with eBay’s own mobile initiatives as well and both companies plan to become leaders in the mobile commerce field in the near future. PayPal’s President, David Marcus, believes that e-commerce will soon become mobile-centric as consumers…

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RBC releases new mobile commerce platform

Royal bank of Canada (RBC) mobile commerce platform

RBC Wallet officially launched in Canada The Royal Bank of Canada has released its first mobile commerce platform, called the RBC Wallet. The platform is powered by the bank’s Secure Cloud, which is used to store customer financial information. The bank claims that its mobile wallet is the first of its kind in Canada, allowing consumers to choose either their debit RBC account or a Visa credit account to make payments. Currently, the RBC Wallet is only available for Android devices. RBC Wallet leverages NFC technology in order to facilitate…

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Apple may release a mobile commerce platform this year

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Ovum predicts that Apple will finally enter into the mobile commerce space Ovum, a market research firm based in the United Kingdom, has released its latest 2014 Trends to Watch report, which predicts that Apple will finally enter into the mobile commerce market this year. Apple has approached the mobile commerce space with caution due to the security issues that exist therein. It had been speculated that the iPhone 5 would include NFC technology, but Apple has little faith in NFC, especially when it comes to using the technology for…

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Mobile commerce platform embraced by UK banks

Mobile payments platform

Five banks to pick up Zapp mobile commerce platform later this year Five of the United Kingdom’s largest banks are set to embrace mobile payments. First Direct, Nationwide, Santander, Metro Bank, and HSBC are moving to provide their combined 18 million customers with the ability to make mobile payments leveraging QR codes and NFC technology later this year. This will be made possible through the use of Zapp, a mobile commerce platform from VocaLink. The five banks have adopted the platform as a way to make it easier for mobile…

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Mobile payments get a boost from PayPal

Paypal mobile payments

In their overall expansion of digital transactions, they have also streamlined their e-checkout process. Last year, PayPal made mobile payments news headlines with its announcement of Beacon as it promised to help to enhance the overall location based experience for brick and mortar stores and their shoppers, and now it is making them again by expanding their efforts for online transactions as a whole. Even as the company pushes its way into offline retail, it is keeping up with mobile e commerce. This week, PayPal launched a new checkout experience…

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Mobile commerce platform seeks to break new ground

mobile commerce platform

PassMarket aims to dominate mobile commerce Mobile technology firm iMobile3, has designed a new system that will make mobile commerce easier for those with iOS devices. The new system is being integrated into PassMarket, which was first launched in 2012. PassMarket has operated primarily behind-the-scenes, providing retailers with a way to connect to mobile consumers through their digital wallet applications, such as the Apple Passbook. This platform has initially focused on loyalty programs, but mobile payments are becoming much more common among consumers and people are beginning to look for…

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