Snapdeal enhances its mobile platform through MartMobi acquisition

Mobile platform commerce Shopping

The online marketplace is hoping to use its new purchase to be able to boost its m-commerce capabilities.

Snapdeal has now acquired an m-commerce company that it will use to be able to boost its own mobile platform and enhance its capabilities. As of the writing of this article, the specifics regarding the financials of this deal have not been released.

This will give Snapdeal access to the various solutions MartMobi has created for small and medium sized businesses.

The mobile platform at MartMobi was becoming well established in India for smaller and medium sized businesses, but now that Snapdeal has purchased it, it will have the opportunity to offer those same solutions to companies worldwide. The purchase was of a company that was first founded in 2012 by two hardcore entrepreneurs, Satya Krishna Ganni, and Parmod Nair. They rapidly built the company which established an immediate presence over tablets and mobile as a whole by way of a range of sites and native apps.

The mobile platform brought m-commerce to the standard websites of a number of different merchants.

Mobile platform commerce ShoppingThe goal of the mobile commerce platform was to make it possible for seamless connectivity by way of the existing backend systems of the merchants. It also made it possible to access a real-time analytics engine in order to enhance the user engagement and overall conversion rate. Only two years later, by 2014, MartMobi had already been included among the leading 10 tech startups worldwide that had made it to the Techstars shortlist. That list is among the most recognized accelerator programs on the planet.

Now, the new focus of the team will be the development of mobile commerce interfaces that will simultaneously improve the seller and shopper experience over smartphone and tablet platforms.

Snapdeal has now taken the opportunity to grab up the company as it placed its own focus on mobile commerce to a greater degree. This is among many different investments that Snapdeal is making in this direction in order to better establish itself in that marketplace. Boosting its mobile platform provides a central foundation for that strategy.

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