Mobile payments through PayPal launched at J.D. Sports

Paypal mobile payments

The service will allow consumers to be able to use their accounts and smartphones for paying. J.D. Sports, a sports fashion chain in the United Kingdom, has now launched a mobile payments transaction method availability throughout all six of its brands and across 630 different stores in the country. This service uses the online service, PayPal, according to the latest reports. This new mobile payments service has made it possible for shoppers to the sports clothing store to be able to bring their purchases to the cash register and pay…

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Mobile payments service to stem from PayPal and Magento deal

Paypal Mobile Payments

The new service will allow consumers to be able to pay using the app while inside stores. Magento has belonged to eBay since 2011, providing it with an e-commerce platform that merchants were able to use for the creation of customized online shops, but this has been kept separate from PayPal, another acquisition, until the latest mobile payments service was developed. This program will bring eBay’s PayPal and Magento together, changing the current environment. eBay has just announced its most recent partnership which will bring Magento’s service together with the…

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NFC hybrid online and mobile payments service tested by ING and MasterCard

NFC Mobile Payments Mastercard QR Code PayPass MasterPass

The companies are hoping to take advantage of the security of smartphones with contactless technology. MasterCard has joined forces with ING in order to test a new form of mobile payments system that leverages the security available through near field communication (NFC) equipped smartphones. These devices can make short range data transfers and is seen as a tremendous mcommerce opportunity. The trial will be focused on the PayPass app from MasterCard. It will examine two primary scenarios for use. The first is for using a smartphone to shop on the…

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Mobile Money Network announces its mobile checkout, Simply Tap

mobile commerce and NFC technology

The Mobile Money Network has announced the launch of its Simply Tap instant mobile checkout service. Best Buy Europe and Carphone Warehouse are among the first retailers who have gone live with the new Simply Tap mobile payment service that allows customers to shop and make purchases using their mobile devices. The experience involves being able to use a mobile device to make a purchase directly from an ad, website, direct marketing, or buyer’s guide. Other retailers include, Goldsmiths, and Thorntons, in addition to and Pretty Green. Mobile…

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Retailers use mobile devices to bring customers to stores and keep them there

Mobile Commerce Shopping

Retailers that operate out of physical shops are increasingly using mobile marketing techniques as a direct result of the fact that the people they see shopping in their locations often have smartphones or other mobile devices in their hands. As this makes much of their target market able to access the mobile web and retail apps, this opens up a tremendous opportunity to retailers who are keen to increase the frequency of trips that the customers make, as well as the amount that they purchase. Since customers that have smartphones…

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