NFC hybrid online and mobile payments service tested by ING and MasterCard

NFC Mobile Payments Mastercard QR Code PayPass MasterPass

Mobile Payments Mastercard  PayPassThe companies are hoping to take advantage of the security of smartphones with contactless technology.

MasterCard has joined forces with ING in order to test a new form of mobile payments system that leverages the security available through near field communication (NFC) equipped smartphones.

These devices can make short range data transfers and is seen as a tremendous mcommerce opportunity.

The trial will be focused on the PayPass app from MasterCard. It will examine two primary scenarios for use. The first is for using a smartphone to shop on the internet at an online merchant’s website. The second is doing the same thing using a tablet or PC.

These two different scenarios will help to better understand the way NFC is used by consumers.

It will also give MasterCard and ING the ability to monitor adoption rates and understand the ways in which NFC is applied in real life circumstances by actual customers.

Within the first scenario being studied by the financial giants, consumers select the products that they would like to buy from the online retailer. They then choose the payment method of preference, input their shipping data (the address to which they’d like the merchandise to be sent) and then enter their PIN in order to authenticate the mobile payment.

From there, a cryptogram that is EMV-compliant is generated and displayed, through the use of the secure element, and the merchant’s payment gateway is sent the information directly in order to allow it to be processed.

Within the second scenario, on the other hand, QR codes are used as a link between the NFC smartphone of the shopper, and his or her tablet or PC. In this case, a consumer shops for items at the online merchant’s site and fills the shopping cart in the typical way. Then, to complete the purchase using mobile payments, the smartphone can be used to scan a secure QR code that is generated by the merchant and displayed on the screen. From there, the Mobile PayPass application securely sends the data to the online shopping cart at the merchant’s site. The transaction is completed and the purchase is processed.

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