Google to bring mobile wallet application to the UK in 2012

Mobile Wallets

Technology powerhouse Google has announced that it will be bringing its NFC powered mobile wallet technology to the UK in 2012. The company released its much anticipated Google Wallet application earlier this year. The app can turn any Android, NFC-enabled smart phone into a mobile payment device. Google has been investing heavily in promoting NFC technology recently, hoping to expand the reach of the growing mobile commerce industry. Mobile commerce has gained a foothold in the UK, but there are currently few mobile applications capable of allowing consumers to make…

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Android Market now features the Google Music storefront

Google Music

Google has now officially launched its highly anticipated storefront for digital music with a promise to finish its integration with the cloud-based streaming service, Google Music, which left its beta phase at the same time. Google Music provides the user with an automatic synch to his or her complete digital library of music across all of the devices that they have connected to it. Furthermore, shoppers will also be able to choose specific playlists, albums, or artists to be enjoyed offline. The new store provides customers with the freedom of…

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Google streamlines by ending 10 projects including Aardvark


Larry Page, the CEO of Google, has announced that the internet and technology giant intends to further streamline and focus its operations by shutting down Aardvark and 9 other programs. Aardvark is a social search site constructed by Google. Senior vice president of Google, Alan Eustace, stated in a blog post that “Technology improves, people’s needs change, some bets pay off and others don’t.” He added that while some of the projects would be ended altogether, others would be fused into other products to become added features. The team members…

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Google’s +1 button has expanded its use and potential

Google+ social media marketing

Though Google+ is considered to be in its limited “field trial” (beta) mode, it has still become exceptionally popular very quickly as its developer teams continue to tweak, alter, and improve the social network features and service, including the +1 button. The +1 button was in existence for quite a while before Google+ became available, but it never quite took off. However, now that the two of them are both available together, Google is significantly expanding the button’s functionality. Formerly, the primary use of the +1 button was to help…

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Google shoots for the moon with new contest – may be the first to place QR codes amongst the stars!


The end of NASA’s space exploration program has come to an end, leaving the cosmos free to anyone with enough ambition and financial clout to leave the planet. Given the expense and danger inherent in space faring, few are capable of drumming up the money to fund missions to the moon. Fortunately, Google has set its eyes on the moon, meaning that the company will not be earthbound for much longer. Google’s new project, the Lunar X PRIZE, is bringing together some ambitious engineers to send new creations into space.…

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