Google streamlines by ending 10 projects including Aardvark


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Larry Page, the CEO of Google, has announced that the internet and technology giant intends to further streamline and focus its operations by shutting down Aardvark and 9 other programs.

Aardvark is a social search site constructed by Google. Senior vice president of Google, Alan Eustace, stated in a blog post that “Technology improves, people’s needs change, some bets pay off and others don’t.”

He added that while some of the projects would be ended altogether, others would be fused into other products to become added features. The team members who are working for Google to offer these products will be reassigned new positions within the company.

Eustace explained that this move will make the Google experience simpler and better for its users, going on to say that it will also allow a greater amount of the company’s resources to be devoted to their high-impact products. This means that the products that are used by billions of people will now be receiving even more attention from the company. It is to these areas that the Google workers will be moved as the other projects are shut down or shifted.

Google has promised to continue to make more announcements and communicate openly with its users so that they can stay on top of all of the latest changes and so that the users will have adequate time to make the necessary transitions and bring their data with them as they go.

According to Page, this move will mean that they will be putting “more wood behind fewer arrows.”

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