Google shoots for the moon with new contest – may be the first to place QR codes amongst the stars!


The end of NASA’s space exploration program has come to an end, leaving the cosmos free to anyone with enough ambition and financial clout to leave the planet. Given the expense and danger inherent in space faring, few are capable of drumming up the money to fund missions to the moon. Fortunately, Google has set its eyes on the moon, meaning that the company will not be earthbound for much longer. Google’s new project, the Lunar X PRIZE, is bringing together some ambitious engineers to send new creations into space.

The Google Lunar X PRIZE is a contest of sorts. Engineers from around the world will come together to build robots that will be launched at the moon. The team whose robot successfully lands on the lunar surface and performs basic functions will be declared the winner and will receive $30 million in prize money. Each team is responsible for their own creations but there is one thing that ties them all together: QR codes.

The robots produced from each team will be stamped with a QR code which will hold personalized messages or links from the team. Some teams have opted for designer codes – those created by graphic artists – to add a unique flare to their robots. If the project is successful, it will be the first time QR codes have ever left the planet, and the first time they have ever made it to the moon.

More information can be found at the Google Lunar X PRIZE website:

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