Smartwatch partnership formed between HP and Michael Bastian

Moto 360 smartwatches

It appears as though Hewlett-Packard is working to design wearable technology with a round shape. Recent reports have shown that Hewlett-Packard is working with fashion designer Michael Bastion in order to come up with a smartwatch that has a round design that is somewhat comparable to the Moto 360. This wearable technology will enter HP into this market and will be sold exclusively on The smartwatch will likely become available for sale on the website this fall. As one of the struggles that wearable technology devices have faced, as…

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Mobile payments and banking partnership formed between HP and Accumulate

HP mobile payments

The companies are bringing their experience and technology together to target several new markets. HP has now announced that it is taking greater steps into the mobile payments and banking industry, through its latest partnership which includes a global agreement with Accumulate. This partnership is meant to considerably broaden the potential and capabilities of both companies. The new strategy follows the successful implementation that HP has already made of the IKO mobile payments and banking scheme in Poland which involves the participation of PKO Bank Polski. The company is now…

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NFC technology introduced new security vulnerabilities

nfc technology Mobile Security

NFC technology may not be as secure as believed For the past few years, NFC technology has served as a foundation for mobile commerce. The technology enabled mobile devices to share digital information without having to be connected to one another with a cable. The technology also allows smartphones and tablets to send information to NFC-enabled terminals, which are often used to facilitate mobile payments. Mobile commerce has relied heavily on NFC technology over the years, but mobile commerce has begun to move away from NFC due to its threats…

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Famed augmented reality platform receives an update from HP

Augmented Reality Marketing

HP makes update to augmented reality platform Acclaimed technology firm Hewlett Packard has been showing some strong interest in the field of augmented reality recently. In 2011, HP acquired Autonomy, a specialist in the field of augmented reality. The acquisition itself was somewhat controversial as HP discontinued some of Autonomy’s well liked products. Through the acquisition, HP has gained access to the Aurasma augmented reality platform, which has opened up a new focus for the technology company as it works to make updates to the widely used platform. Aurasma v2.0…

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HP reveals new NFC mouse

NFC mouse by HP

NFC Mouse from HP to be launched in November Acclaimed hardware and software corporation Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced plans to develop the world’s first NFC-enabled mouse. The company has shown interest in NFC and other interactive technology and has been working on introducing these into new products. The new, wireless mouse will be a first for the company, which claims the device will be compatible with any NFC-enabled device, whether it be a smart phone, tablet, or PC. The NFC mouse is expected to go on sale in November of…

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NFC Forum announces new principle members

NFC Technology mobile commerce

New members inducted into the NFC Forum this week The NFC Forum, a non-profit organization that aims to promote the development and adoption of NFC technology, has announced the addition of several new companies as the organization’s principle members. Canon, Hewlett-Packard, and Yahoo! JAPAN have been inducted as principle members of the NFC Forum, joining several others that are making use of or promoting the adoption of NFC technology. The induction of new principle members is expected to bring more momentum behind the adoption of NFC technology in a number…

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NFC technology news continues to show its versatility

Mobile Payments NFC Technology

Uses for NFC expanding at a rapid pace NFC technology is beginning to gain traction outside of the field of mobile commerce. The technology has proven versatile in its ability to connect with consumers. Companies interested in a higher level of interaction with customers and clients have begun showing more interest in NFC technology and how it can be used. NFC has managed to gain some ground in the mobile marketing industry and in social networking, and these two fields appear rife with opportunity for the growth of NFC. RIM…

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HP turns to QR codes to help in the fight against counterfeit

HP mobile payments

Hewlett-Packard, a major, multi-national technology company based in the U.S., has been entrenched in an anti-counterfeit campaign for the past four years. The company has been plagued by reports of fraudulent product appearing all over the world, most of which serves no other purpose than to put a dent in the company’s otherwise pristine reputation. To date, HP has recovered more than 20 million counterfeit products. Many of the falsified products take the form of ink cartridges for HP’s line of printers. To combat this counterfeit, the company is turning…

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Big business jumps into NFC arena

NFC Terminals

Multinational technology corporation Hewlett-Packard is planning on launching their own NFC-enabled mobile devices by the end of this year. The company is looking to capitalize on the surge of interest swarming NFC technology. The future of NFC is often tied to mobile payments, but HP may be looking to expand the use of the technology by focusing on its other capabilities. Details about the project are scarce but considering that other big-name tech companies, like Google, are developing NFC products, HP is disinclined to be left behind. Mobile payments are…

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HP developing mobile wireless payment devices

Mobile Marketing News

Anonymous employees at Hewlett-Packard Co. have announced that it is currently developing wireless payment devices to allow consumers to buy products using mobile technology. The intention of the company is to use near field communication (NFC) technology to develop tablets and phones that will let consumers receive discount coupons, pay for products and services, and collect loyalty points through a simple tap of the device on a specially equipped cash register within a shop. The first of these gadgets could become available as early as the end of 2011. In…

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The A War…Apple vs. Android: A fight for first place

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

Android technology may be overtaking Apple by 2012. IT and technology experts who attended the Droidcon developers’ summit in Berlin last week, are confident that Android has what it takes to be the new number one. Android is the open source software developed by Google. In the last three years Apple has sold more than 85 million iPhones and iPod touch devices. Statistics from late 2010 show that Google’s Android phones rose in sales so rapidly, they outsold Apple handsets for the first time on record. Google’s phones made up…

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