Famed augmented reality platform receives an update from HP

Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented Reality MarketingHP makes update to augmented reality platform

Acclaimed technology firm Hewlett Packard has been showing some strong interest in the field of augmented reality recently. In 2011, HP acquired Autonomy, a specialist in the field of augmented reality. The acquisition itself was somewhat controversial as HP discontinued some of Autonomy’s well liked products. Through the acquisition, HP has gained access to the Aurasma augmented reality platform, which has opened up a new focus for the technology company as it works to make updates to the widely used platform.

Aurasma v2.0 revealed by HP

This week, HP has made a new update to the augmented reality platform, introducing Aurasma v2.0. The firm, as well as the remnants of Autonomy, has been working on the new version for quite some time. The Aurasma platform has managed to garner a great deal of support in the retail and entertainment industries, and many of the updates that have been made to the platform cater to  these industries.

New version include social functionality

The latest version of Aurasma includes enhanced image recognition capabilities, social functionality, and the platform now makes use of a cloud computing network that manages many of the augmented reality experiences that the platform is used to create. The social functions of the new platform may make it more appealing to mobile consumers, many of whom foster a constant connection to networks like Twitter and Facebook. Aurasma now allows users to share the augmented reality experiences that they find through these social networks.

Aurasma helps HP break into augmented reality field

HP has shown a strong interest in augmented reality, but has not yet begun moving beyond the realm of mobile applications in its use of the technology. Aurasma represents much of the firms enthusiasm concerning augmented reality, and the updated platform may help HP establish a strong foothold in the realm of interactive technology and its use in consumer electronics.

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