NFC technology introduced new security vulnerabilities

nfc technology Mobile Security

nfc technology Mobile SecurityNFC technology may not be as secure as believed

For the past few years, NFC technology has served as a foundation for mobile commerce. The technology enabled mobile devices to share digital information without having to be connected to one another with a cable. The technology also allows smartphones and tablets to send information to NFC-enabled terminals, which are often used to facilitate mobile payments. Mobile commerce has relied heavily on NFC technology over the years, but mobile commerce has begun to move away from NFC due to its threats associated with the digital world, many of which may have been inadvertently introduced through the widespread use of NFC technology.

Mobile technology represents valuable target for hackers

Hewlett-Packard has released a new study this week documenting the vulnerabilities that exist in the mobile world. The HP Cyber Security Risk Report 2012 highlights the explosive adoption of mobile technology among consumers. The study notes that many consumers have turned to mobile technology to make their daily lives more convenient, making use the vast assortment of applications that are at their disposal. The advent of mobile technology, especially devices that are constantly connected to the Internet, drew the attention of hackers and malicious groups that could profit from the information that is stored on a mobile device. The study shows that consumers are quickly becoming more exposed to these threats as the years go by, and NFC technology may have something to do with this trend.

New technologies, new threats

According to HP, there has been a 787% increase in mobile application vulnerability disclosures over the past five years. Some of these vulnerabilities are due to simple problems with applications or mistakes made by consumers. New technologies, like NFC, however, may have introduce vulnerabilities that were previously non-existent in the mobile space. NFC technology, in particular, has shed light on vulnerabilities that had yet to be discovered in the mobile world. In this sense, the technology has been helpful, but hackers were likely aware of these vulnerabilities long before HP or other experts in the field were.

HP sets up new security research organization

In an effort to address the growing issues concerning security in the mobile world, HP has established the HP Security Research organization. This organization will be responsible for the company’s security research initiatives and will focus on helping develop security solutions for both businesses and consumers.

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