Augmented reality CV show performance used for Volvo Trucks

volvo truck augmented reality

The auto manufacturer used mobile marketing technology to draw attention to its products and vehicles. Volvo Trucks has become one of the first vehicle manufacturers to use augmented reality technology in order to help to promote its vehicles and their various features and products. They made their very first move of this nature as a part of their presence at an industry show. The CV Show presence that Volvo with a Hall 5 stand provided visitors with an interactive experience through augmented reality. The AR technology provided those visitors with…

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Eye announces release of its Amplify out-of-home mobile marketing network

Mobile Commerce

This hybrid, all-in-one concept is the largest in the world. Eye has just unveiled the immediate activation of the largest mobile enabled out of home digital network in the world, called Amplify. This platform is technology neutral, and gives advertisers the ability to broaden their standard out of home campaigns so that they can delve into the smartphone channel through the use of NFC technology, QR codes, SMS, and augmented reality (AR). This complements their current American offering of Mobile Proximity Marketing, which is powered by Mobiquity Networks and is…

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Moosejaw named top innovator for 2012 by Apparel Magazine for unique mobile marketing

Moosejaw Xray app

The expert outdoor gear specialty retailer has been recognized for creative customer engagements. The retailer, Moosejaw, has been receiving a great deal of attention over the last few months due to its distinctive mobile marketing campaigns which have been deployed among all of its brick-and-mortar shop locations, and has now been named a 2012 Top Innovator by Apparel Magazine, according to cross-channel retail technology and commerce solutions provider, CrossView, Inc. Moosejaw uses CrossView technology at its points of sale, as an element of its smartphone strategies. Each of the store’s locations…

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Something Massive acquires, claims title as first post-PC advertiser


Something Massive, a digital advertising agency, has announced the acquisition of, a creative communications firm with a knack for augmented reality. Something Massive believes that the acquisition will make it stand out in the increasing crowded digital advertising business. The company is now billing itself as the “first post-PC advertising agency,” claiming that it is no longer bound to computers because of the advent of sophisticated mobile technology. As such, the firm will be focusing on creating digital content and marketing campaigns that can be viewed on just about…

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QR codes may collapse beneath the weight of augmented reality

QR Codes check in

QR codes have had a very lucrative year. More companies are beginning to realize the importance of mobile marketing and the codes have proven to be one of the best ways to engage mobile consumers. The codes have been used into a number of industries, including music, entertainment and fashion, and are becoming increasingly popular amongst jobseekers. QR codes may be a staple of mobile marketing now, but that may change next year as more companies begin investing in augmented reality technology. Augmented reality has been gaining momentum in the…

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Fast cars and fast print ads

With QR codes and other mobile marketing strategies gaining traction, many are wondering what role interactive technologies will play in the future. Many companies, both big and small, all over the world are taking advantage of new trends in the advertising industry, hoping to turn people’s use of smart phones into patronage. While QR codes seem to be the weapon of choice for many of today’s advertisers, there are a growing number of print publications using the codes for a different purpose altogether. The print and digital worlds are often…

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Huge potential for the little guy with augmented reality marketing

An Example of Augmented Reality Capabilities with a Wikitude App

  Small businesses could get a boost up from new mobile app. Technology is bringing out more and more applications that aren’t just for fun; several of the new apps can be useful to small business owners. One of those useful apps is augmented reality (AR). It’s not as scary as it sounds. It simply means an enhancement to the real world. It uses real looking images or videos layered on top of real world objects. If a person has a Smartphone with an AR application, they could hold up…

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Gaming advertisment linked to unique content is a Win, Win!!

Marketers are always on the lookout for new mediums through which to reach consumers. The gaming community has long been a target for advertisers hoping to take advantage of an inherently interactive environment. Advertisements in games have generally gone unnoticed, usually written off as part of the backgrounds. Marketers are now aiming to make these advertisements more interactive by using QR codes. Lynx, known as AXE in the U.S., is the first British company to launch and in-game marketing campaign that will be targeting the gaming community. The codes will…

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