Augmented reality CV show performance used for Volvo Trucks

volvo truck augmented reality

volvo truck augmented realityThe auto manufacturer used mobile marketing technology to draw attention to its products and vehicles.

Volvo Trucks has become one of the first vehicle manufacturers to use augmented reality technology in order to help to promote its vehicles and their various features and products.

They made their very first move of this nature as a part of their presence at an industry show.

The CV Show presence that Volvo with a Hall 5 stand provided visitors with an interactive experience through augmented reality. The AR technology provided those visitors with “hidden” content in a number of different areas throughout the display. This gave them access to a number of different forms of web content to enhance their experience and learn more about what Volvo has to offer.

To access the augmented reality features, visitors simply needed to use mobile devices at the trigger points.

Visitors could use their own devices in combination with the free Aurasma app and could aim those smartphones and tablets at the various augmented reality trigger points in order to head to various web pages and view additional videos.

Volvo believes that adding the use of augmented reality technology to its show provided the visitors with an entirely different dimension when compared to the traditional channels of communication. It opened up the opportunity for a number of different layers of information that the individuals could view at their own pace as each element interested them. .

The show’s visitors were often prepared for this feature as they were advised ahead of attendance to download the augmented reality app and to come equipped with a QR code scanner, as well. Those are each readily available for free through Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The Volvo Trucks stand took things a step further to simplify the process by providing detailed user instructions at many points throughout the display. This made it much easier for visitors to know what they were doing, even when they had never used augmented reality before. They could simply make their way around the show and point the device at the various AR enabled features in order to access the additional content and bring it to life.

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