Sears mobile sees growth in double-digit proportions over the weekend following Thanksgiving

Sears mobile commerce website performance

Sears Mobile Marketing Campaign
Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and the Monday that followed (Cyber Monday) Sears customers were using their mobile devices to shop for products, make purchases, and pick them up at the store, providing the retailer with double-digit increases.

Sears has placed a significant focus on mobile throughout 2011, as it intends to expand on its current mobile offerings so that customers will have a full line of features available. This year, the mobile strategy for the retailer has included additions that include providing consumers with a larger number of options for mobile payments, using QR codes, and offering out-of-home ads to make it easier for customers to buy their gifts.

Two months ago, the mobile website for Sears underwent a number of changes to ensure better performance. The company feels that they truly paid off last weekend, when it became one of the top mobile sites for customer satisfaction, according to Compuware Gomez.

The Sears Holdings chief marketing officer, Michael Murray, spoke about the strong performance of the retailer over mobile, and how it intends to position itself in the future in order to continue benefitting from mobile growth.

Murray explained that the company is excited about its double digit growth in mobile, and that while it is experimental at the moment, they have noticed that their customers are becoming more comfortable and confident using that channel.

For that reason, Sears intends to continue providing customers with support through mobile at this time of year that shopping is most critical. Whether customers are close to a store or actually inside a store, they are increasingly finding mobile a helpful shopping tool.

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