Cyber Monday shopping expected to break record in 2018

UK mobile commerce - Woman with mobile phone

Half of US consumers will choose to shop via their mobile device this year. Cyber Monday shopping has become more popular every year. However, what was once a day dominated by online shopping has evolved into one that is slowly being taken over by mobile commerce. In fact, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF), half of the consumers partaking in Cyber Monday will do so via their smartphones and tablets. Cyber Monday sales are projected to grow. More than 164 million Americans will be shopping over…

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Sears mobile sees growth in double-digit proportions over the weekend following Thanksgiving

Sears mobile commerce website performance

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and the Monday that followed (Cyber Monday) Sears customers were using their mobile devices to shop for products, make purchases, and pick them up at the store, providing the retailer with double-digit increases. Sears has placed a significant focus on mobile throughout 2011, as it intends to expand on its current mobile offerings so that customers will have a full line of features available. This year, the mobile strategy for the retailer has included additions that include providing consumers with a larger number of options…

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