Mobile commerce predictions by Juniper Research see massive growth by 2017

Mobile Commerce Industry

The latest figures have shown that it will climb to $730 billion in 5 years. According to data from the latest forecasts put out by Juniper research, mobile commerce will have reached a value of $730 by the year 2017, primarily driven by smartphones. The British firm released its results saying that smartphone payments will be vitally important to this growth. The report detailed how mobile commerce payments are already rapidly increasing, and that over the next five years, they will become far more mainstream and process a much higher…

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Mobile commerce driving ahead through couch commerce

couch commerce

Report highlights the growing trend of couch commerce Juniper Research has released a new report concerning mobile transactions and the so called trend of “couch commerce.” The report shows that mobile transactions are becoming more popular. The success of the mobile commerce industry has caused many large retail companies to move into the mobile space. Juniper expects that this trend will continue and gain speed as more consumers become comfortable with the concept of mobile commerce and NFC-enabled mobile devices become more available. Mobile devices beginning to replace static devices…

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Nearly 9 out of 10 tablet owners will make holiday purchases with their devices

Tablet t-Commerce

The findings of recent research performed by Zmags has shown that 87 percent of the owners of tablet devices will make holiday purchases using those mobile devices this season. The Zmags study also determined that consumers who use tablets typically spend quite freely on their tablets, with the average shopping total coming to $325. The survey involved the participation of 1,500 consumers, among whom there were 238 tablet users. It examined various elements of their shopping behaviors. According to the chief marketing officer and chief operating officer of Boston-based Zmags,…

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Sears mobile sees growth in double-digit proportions over the weekend following Thanksgiving

Sears mobile commerce website performance

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and the Monday that followed (Cyber Monday) Sears customers were using their mobile devices to shop for products, make purchases, and pick them up at the store, providing the retailer with double-digit increases. Sears has placed a significant focus on mobile throughout 2011, as it intends to expand on its current mobile offerings so that customers will have a full line of features available. This year, the mobile strategy for the retailer has included additions that include providing consumers with a larger number of options…

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Future impact of mobile on e-commerce?

Mobile commerce and the future

With the start of the holiday shopping season, a record number of consumers will be using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to make their purchases, instead of heading out to join the lineups in stores or even using their personal computers. Data from research performed by mobile ad network Jumptap and comScore shows that 31 percent of the owners of these devices have already purchased a product or service at some point through mobile channels. This figure, though, has not drawn half the attention of the 63…

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