Samsung to showcase its mobile payments service during seven city tour in the US

samsung mobile payments technology news

Samsung Pay to be on display during nationwide tour

Samsung has announced that it will be taking its new mobile payments service, Samsung Pay, on a seven city tour in the United States. The company intends to showcase the capabilities of its new platform, allowing consumers and businesses to see how they can use Samsung Pay. The new service has already been tested in South Korea, where mobile commerce has become quite popular among consumers that have become intensely mobile-centric.

Company will show off the features and capabilities of its new mobile payments service

Samsung intends to show off the new service in some of the country’s largest cities, where mobile payments have already become quite popular among consumers. In each city, Samsung will be working with local retailers to provide consumers with discounts on products that they might be interested in. There will also be opportunities for consumers to interact with Samsung and its new mobile payments service, getting experience with how the service works and how they can use to it shop online.

Tour will highlight the benefits that retailers find through using Samsung Pay

samsung mobile payments technology newsThe seven city tour will run through November 15, with Los Angeles, California being the final destination for the tour. During the extended event, Samsung will highlight the prospects of mobile commerce, which has been gaining significant traction within the United States. Many retailers have been growing mobile centric in order to better engage consumers. These consumers have begun relying quite heavily on their smartphones and tablets in order to shop for and purchase products both online and in physical stores.

Competition in the US mobile payments space is set to increase

Samsung is set to compete with other companies that have already launched mobile payments services in the U.S., including Google and Apple. Both of these companies have found moderate success in the mobile payments market, but have yet to become mainstream. More competition may pressure these companies to introduce better features to their services, which may further increase their appeal to consumers interested in mobile payments.

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