QR codes provide a virtual walking tour guide to German village visitors

QR codes book school mobile shopping

The students at Neuen Mittelschule Frankenfels have created 15 hotspots throughout the town.

A middle school in Germany has now created a new way for visitors to experience its village by providing a number of QR codes in 15 different hotspots that will allow visitors to be able to learn more about the various points of interest throughout the town.

These quick response codes were implemented by students at Neuen Mittelschule Frankenfels.

The idea is that visitors will be able to use their own smartphones to scan QR codes and guide themselves through a tour of the area as they learn about the different sites that are important. The quick response codes offer instructions for walking or hiking through the Frankenfels municipal area. Each stop along the way is labeled with a barcode that can be scanned in order to learn about the current location as well as how to find the next stop along the way.

The QR codes make it possible for people to learn more about each location while visiting them on their own.

QR codes book school mobile shoppingThe project was taken on by a group of students and was led by their teacher, Christian Leitner. Together, they came up with a website that is accessed through the scanned barcodes in order to be able to let smartphone users take themselves on a tour of the village. The quick response codes at each location are large enough to be easily seen. Each of the 15 locations has its own QRcode which is mounted on the information board for that spot along the tour.

The quick response codes can all be scanned using any reader app that is installed on a smartphone. There are a number of good quality mobile scanner apps available for virtually every smartphone operating system, which means that the technology is easily available for anyone with this type of device.

The text provided when the QR codes are scanned is available in both German and English. Moreover, there is also an audio file that allows the user to discover even more information. The purpose of this project was to help the students to learn about the integration of information through communication technologies. This helped to show the way learning through digital means can be accessed through common mobile devices and it worked to equip students with these enhanced understandings and digital skills.

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