QR codes make for high tech gardening

qr codes gardening plants

qr codes gardening plantsSpecialty classes are popping up all over the country to help teach this unique practice.

QR codes have been appearing in a growing number of living displays, which have ranged from corn mazes that have broken world records, to award winning botanical displays, and now a growing number of gardeners are hoping to learn how to work the use of mobile devices such as smartphones into the design or sale of their achievements.

Greenhouses, botanical gardens, and even acres of crops are now using the barcodes.

A growing number of farmers and growers have been using QR codes to help to draw attention to themselves, to promote their products, and to educate customers about what they provide and how. But now, these barcodes are starting to be applied on a smaller scale, as both professional and home gardeners take the high tech step to communicate with individuals who carry smartphones.

In order to help to teach those gardeners, classes featuring the design and use of QR codes are opening.

They have been popping up all over the country, from Texas, to Virginia. While some of these classes teach simply the use of QR codes, others provide suggestions regarding how to design them and work them into plants or living displays. For this reason, some classes are nothing more than a few hours long, while others could take days or weeks to complete.

Just the fact that these classes are opening and that they are becoming increasingly popular in terms of attendance, is a clear demonstration of the growing – so to speak – importance of QR codes within this industry. The barcodes have already become exceptionally common in mobile marketing, as they can be found in magazine ads, on posters, and even on product packaging.

However, the desire to learn how to actually grow QR codes out of plants has opened up a new avenue in marketing that has not been changed in many years. If there is one thing that is for certain, it is that this reflects a whole new high tech angle to becoming a master gardener and that these displays in community gardens, parks, and other public spaces, will never be the same.

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