Topping up with QR codes piloted by Vodafone UK

vodafone qr codes

The mobile and wireless operator will be deploying quick response codes in retail outlets. Vodafone UK has announced that it will be taking on QR codes as a fast and easy form of technology to be used by customers who prepay for their service and who want to be able to top up their accounts. The idea is to allow customers to simply scan one of the quick response codes and refill their account credit. This project with QR codes is a part of a broader top-up application test was…

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QR codes are engaging retail consumers

tombstones museum qr codes appearance

Companies are discovering that their customers are enjoying an enriched experience through barcode scans. The black and white squares that make up QR codes have been called everything from ugly to funky and from vital to useless, but if there is one thing for certain, data is consistently revealing that consumers are scanning on an increasing basis. Retailers are finding that when they apply the barcodes properly, it can enhance the experience they provide. This is because the retailers can take advantage of the fact that consumers are now recognizing…

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QR codes featured on police cruisers in Monroe, Ohio

police car qr codes example

The vehicles will now have barcodes that can be scanned by residents who wish to connect with police. The Monroe Police Department in Ohio has now become the first one in the southwestern part of the state to add QR codes to their cruisers, says an announcement that was made by Lieutenant Brian Curlis. The barcodes are being used to help to provide smartphone carrying residents with an easy way to obtain information. Furthermore, according to Lt. Curlis, by scanning the QR codes, residents can also report crimes, making the…

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QR codes will be used for Angry Birds Star Wars 2 figures

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 QR codes telepods

These black and white barcode squares will be used for the mobile game instead of NFC technology. In a growing trend throughout the mobile games marketplace, as was seen in the case of Skylanders among others, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 will be linking the real world with the digital world, only in this instance, it will be using QR codes to do so. Many had expected that NFC technology would be chosen for this game, but this was not the case. The QR codes will be used for the…

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QR codes should be a top business focus in mobile

QR codes in mobile commerce

These quick response barcodes and location based services (LBS) are considered vital in mobile commerce. According to the TNS Annual mobile Life Study has now been released and it has shown that businesses hoping to keep up with the latest in mobile commerce – and growth as a whole – should look to QR codes as well as LBS. This study was conducted by one of the largest custom market research firms in the world. What the study showed was that in the United Arab Emirates, an area where the…

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