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QR codes featured on police cruisers in Monroe, Ohio

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The vehicles will now have barcodes that can be scanned by residents who wish to connect with police.

The Monroe Police Department in Ohio has now become the first one in the southwestern part of the state to add QR codes to their cruisers, says an announcement that was made by Lieutenant Brian Curlis.

The barcodes are being used to help to provide smartphone carrying residents with an easy way to obtain information.

Furthermore, according to Lt. Curlis, by scanning the QR codes, residents can also report crimes, making the process much faster and more convenient for them. This makes it possible for residents to provide the police with tips about crimes no matter where they are or what time it happens to be.

police car qr codes exampleThey can also scan the barcodes in order to inform themselves about the police in their city.

Lt. Curlis explained that “They can leave a (crime) tip for us, also get an app for the whole city. It’s free and a lot of information out there to get to right away.”

The QR codes, themselves, have been installed on the cruisers in the form of large stickers. There are a dozen cruisers in the department, and all of them how have the smartphone scannable barcodes. The entire change came with a price tag that was less than $80, which makes it an extremely affordable mobile upgrade for the department.

The department, said Curlis, is hoping that residents of Monroe will take advantage of this smartphone friendly feature and will help to reduce the amount of time that the department staff needs to apply to handling tips over the phone or from people who have arrived in person. The ability to inform residents by way of their mobile devices should notably boost efficiency. Lt. Curlis stated that “Even if it handles one or two calls less a week, it’s less burden on us, the technology is out there and it’s more efficient.”

QR codes are becoming increasingly familiar sights to consumers, as they are now quite commonplace in advertising and on product packages. They require a free reader app in order to scan them with a smartphone. When the police barcodes have been scanned, it will provide the device user with direct access to the official website of the police department.

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