Why Play the Sicilian Defense in Chess?

Sicilian Defense in Chess game move

Learn why this strategy is the most popular response for Black to the e4 from White. The Sicilian Defense is easily the most popular response Black has to e4 from White and represents an aggressive opening move that simultaneously removes White’s opportunity to occupy either the d4 or e4 squares. The c5 opening takes control over the center beyond that initial move. As a result, the Sicilian Defense is often viewed as a brilliant opening. This helps to explain why it is a preferred choice among chess celebrities, Grandmasters, and…

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Apple doesn’t like the term artificial intelligence, though it does love machine learning

Artificial intelligence - Apple Logo

At this year’s WWDC, the company avoided AI as a subject at all, though did reference machine learning. Based on technology trends already taking off at an explosive rate, it was natural to think that artificial intelligence would be a major topic of focus at the WWDC, but that was not exactly the case. Presenters were not at all inclined to discuss AI, though “machine learning” did have its mentions. At no point during the Apple WWDC did presenters bring up artificial intelligence, which appeared to be the exact opposite…

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Chick-fil-A QR codes increase app downloads by 14 percent

Chick-fil-A QR codes - Chick-fil-A restaurant

The fast food chain has used quick response codes to successfully drive up its application downloads. The successful use of Chick-fil-A QR codes are helping to drive consumers to download the fast food chain’s app, say new analysis results. The company has managed to use the smartphone friendly barcodes for a powerful call to action. Both BlackRock Bar & Grill and Chick-fil-A QR codes are being used as a part of a campaign tactic that consumers are responding to. Boosting downloads by 14 percent is only one of a number…

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How to Quickly Read a TOS Document

How to read a TOS Document

You’ve certainly agreed to terms of service (TOS) documents at some point in your life. Whether or not you’ve actually read them is a whole different story. In fact, a recent study showed that essentially no one reads TOS agreements. This became clear when researchers added a section to a TOS document that said the signee would have to give up their first born child! Luckily for the people involved, it wasn’t a real contract. Of course no one wants to read through thousands of words of legal mumbo jumbo.…

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Will mobile ad blockers be detrimental to marketers?

smartphone addiction mobile ad blockers

So far, device users have shown they’re tired of ads in their current forms and stopping software is commonplace. The use of mobile ad blockers is growing at an astounding rate. According to PageFair, from January 2015 to January 1016, there was a 90 percent year over year growth rate. This has brought the new monthly users from 198 million to 376 million. Clearly, mobile device users don’t like many of the ads displayed on their devices. PageFair’s report also stated that by the close of March, there were 419…

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