QR code cut into massive corn field

QR code cornfield

QR code cornfield

A farmer family in Alberta, Canada, have created an enormous barcode maze.

A corn farming family located south of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has created a QR code out of their fields by cutting it into the barcode in order to create their annual.

The Kraay family designs a new corn field maze every year.

This year, their farm, which can be found in Lacombe County, not only features a maze in the corn, but it also may very well be the largest QR code in the world.

They chose a QR code because of the growing popularity of the barcodes among marketers.

They had been seeing the barcodes, which can be scanned by mobile devices such as smartphones, on advertising and product packaging, so that consumers could easily access a websites.

According to the Kraay family, the QR code that makes up the corn maze this year does actually work. Anyone who can see the code from above and who uses their smartphone can scan it. Once the scanning has been performed, the user is directed to Kraay family website on their device browser.

The farm family did mention that this took some effort to perfect to ensure that it would function properly. According to Rachel Kraay, “We tried once, it didn’t work, so we were a little bit panicky.”

But the family wasn’t ready to give up at the first sign of struggle. Rachel Kraay went on to explain that they “Did some figuring and figured out that the contrast wasn’t quite good enough. So then we got in there with the rototiller and dug up the paths real nice and dark and the second time we went up, it scanned right away.”

The QR code made up by the maze itself isn’t the only one that is being used by the Kraay family farm this year. In fact, throughout the maze itself, other barcodes can be found to help individuals within it to navigate their way through it successfully. It is likely that many of the scans will be made simply out of curiosity regarding the information and content they will provide.

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