QR codes make for high tech gardening

qr codes gardening plants

Specialty classes are popping up all over the country to help teach this unique practice. QR codes have been appearing in a growing number of living displays, which have ranged from corn mazes that have broken world records, to award winning botanical displays, and now a growing number of gardeners are hoping to learn how to work the use of mobile devices such as smartphones into the design or sale of their achievements. Greenhouses, botanical gardens, and even acres of crops are now using the barcodes. A growing number of…

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Unique QR codes garden wins important prize in the UK

QR Code Garden

The most prestigious flower show in the United Kingdom gives Bronze Medal to barcode display. The Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show has given the Bronze Medal to a unique QR code garden display within its Fresh Garden category. The prize winner was in a category for creative use of materials and innovative and experimental design concepts. The unique QR codes found within the display were created by using a vertical planting treatment on a wall and a very simple palette of colors. When scanned, the website to which the…

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