Mobile commerce at Google may soon include retail

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Google mobile commerceThe search engine giant may soon be broadening its reach by starting to sell electronics in stores.

It has been suggested that Google, the internet search giant, is going to broaden its already tremendous reach of the company even further, by opening up brick and mortar and mobile commerce retail stores before this year is through.

Reports released on Friday suggest that these stores will be open by the 2013 holiday shopping season.

This is a move that would expand Google beyond online and mobile commerce and would bring it into physical locations, as well. It would step out of the internet industry and reach it directly into the sale of consumer electronics. Reportedly, the company will be opening up its own retail locations before people begin their Christmas shopping this year.

This Google live and mobile commerce news is raising many eyebrows and has opinions exploding in the industry.

The purpose of the various stores, which will likely allow for live, online, and mobile commerce shopping, will be to help to massively increase the sale of the new Google Nexus, Chrome, and the products that have yet to be released. It is meant to help to make sure that those items end up in the hands of consumers.

It has been reported that Google believes that there is a great deal of potential for reaching consumers which could be better met through a hands on experience. The mobile commerce trend of showrooming has opened the eyes of many retailers – and would be retailers – to the need consumers have to see a product in real life before they are willing to actually buy it.

Two of the main competitors to Google, Microsoft and Apple, both have their own retail outlets that allow consumers to view and try the products before they make a purchase. They also allow their products to be bought right there in the store, or online or through mobile commerce channels.

At the moment, Google has yet to make any official confirmation that any live or mobile commerce retail stores will be opening. However, a number of sources are beginning to reveal that these shops will open across the United States in major cities.

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