Photography and augmented reality combine to make immersive experience

As technology becomes more advanced, artists are looking to create experiences that encompass all the senses. For countless years, artists have relied solely on sight to reach their audience. With augmented reality, however, they can do much more with the work they create. Portuguese artist Nuno Serrao has launched a new photography exhibition he calls Project Paperclip. The exhibition aims to combine art with technology and present an experience that many people will find innovative.

For anyone to get the full experience of Project Paperclip, they must first download an augmented reality application, which shares the same name as the exhibition. Once the application is ready, smart phone users will be able to scan a QR code that is attached to each photograph. When scanned, the code initiates a unique soundtrack for the photograph the person is viewing. The composition changes depending on the movement of the viewer, the noise level in the exhibition gallery, and the time of day. Serrao believes that by adding an interactive soundscape feature to each photograph he is able to immerse people in his artwork.

Project Paperclip is on exhibit until April 29 at the Galeria das Mudas in Centro das Artesm Calheta, Madeira Island, Portugal. Serrao has tentative plans to bring the exhibition to other parts of the world and has been regularly adding new photos to the project’s website.

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