Meijer mobile shopping service offers convenient way to shop and pay for groceries

Meijer mobile shopping service - Meijer Shop & Scan App

Meijer has introduced a new shopping service via mobile called Shop & Scan to Indianapolis. A Meijer mobile shopping service has been launched in Indianapolis that provides its customers with the option of scanning the barcodes of items they want to purchase in store as they’re shopping. Once finished with their shop, customers simply have to scan a QR code at self-checkout to pay for their purchases. The service is called Shop & Scan. Shop & Scan is available to mPerks mobile customers. The Michigan-based retailer announced the launch of…

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Photography and augmented reality combine to make immersive experience

Augmented Reality Art

As technology becomes more advanced, artists are looking to create experiences that encompass all the senses. For countless years, artists have relied solely on sight to reach their audience. With augmented reality, however, they can do much more with the work they create. Portuguese artist Nuno Serrao has launched a new photography exhibition he calls Project Paperclip. The exhibition aims to combine art with technology and present an experience that many people will find innovative. For anyone to get the full experience of Project Paperclip, they must first download an…

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New Google Chrome extension makes online QR code scanning easier

Google chrome for ios qr code scanner

More QR codes have begun showing up on websites in recent months. While QR codes have become very popular in the world of marketing, their use on websites can be somewhat counter intuitive. The codes must be scanned by a smart phone equipped with a barcode scanning application. These apps use the phone’s camera to decipher the information embedded in the codes. The problem is that a phone’s camera can, at times, have difficulty properly viewing a computer screen, making it impossible to scan the code. A new extension for…

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New York City adopts QR codes to help promote road safety

New York Road Safety Signs

The New York City Department of Transport has launched a new QR code campaign this week. The campaign revolves around road safety and the department has hired artists to create several new safety signs that will appear on the streets of New York City. One of the more creative aspects of the campaign is that each sign has its own haiku, with each small poem touching on a safety topic. So far, 144 signs have been created, many of which are being placed in areas that are notorious for accidents.…

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Emergency first responders to benefit from regional pilot mobile program by QodeMed

QR code Service

San Diego-based mobile healthcare service company, QodeMed, has launched a new pilot program of its latest product in its home city. The company is an online program that provides its subscribers with individual QR codes that will allow emergency first responders to obtain immediate access with an individual’s vital medical data and will help patients to better manage that data. The service is now available for online subscription within that area. According to emergency room doctors, 90 percent of the process of making an emergency diagnosis of a patient involves…

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