OTI receives massive order for mobile commerce systems

NFC technology mobile commerce

NFC technology remains a staple in mobile commerce

NFC technology has been receiving some criticism in the field of mobile commerce recently due to concerns regarding security and efficiency. The technology remains as one of the cornerstones of mobile commerce, however, powering mobile transactions all over the world. As mobile commerce itself continues to grow in popularity, so too does NFC technology and the demand for this technology is beginning to grow despite some of the controversy surrounding it.

OTI receives order for 30,000 NFC systems

On Track Innovations (OTI), a leading developer of NFC-based payment systems, has announced that it has received an order for 30,000 of its NFC-based payment systems. The order has come from a leading North American company in the retail petroleum industry. OTI plans to fill the order before the end of the year and expects to see further orders from this customer in the coming months. While the orders are for OTI’s NFC-based systems, OTI has worked closely with the customer to fashion a custom system that will accommodate the customer’s interests in mobile commerce.


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OTI systems receive praise from large organizations like MasterCardNFC technology mobile commerce

The NFC systems from OTI are certified by most of the world’s major financial firms and credit associations, such as MasterCard and Visa. These systems have garnered acclaim for their functionality and the security they offer to the mobile commerce space. Security has long been a major concern for consumers and businesses alike when it comes to the mobile space. Payment platforms that offer a high level of security have managed to find a great deal of success in this sector as they allow consumers and businesses alike to participate in mobile commerce without much worry.

Security concerns continue to swirl around NFC technology

NFC technology has been losing favor in the realm of mobile commerce but has not yet been abandoned entirely. Indeed, many of the most popular mobile payment platforms still rely heavily on the technology. Security concerns aside, NFC technology has been and will likely continue to be one of the best engines powering mobile commerce that is currently available.

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