Mobile commerce goes haywire in the UK

UK Mobile Commerce

UK Mobile CommerceMobile commerce concerns rekindled as NFC-based system malfunctions

When it comes to mobile commerce, security is often cited as a major concern among consumers. Much of the security concerns that continue to plague mobile commerce have to do with NFC technology. This technology has long formed the backbone for most mobile commerce initiatives, but has recently begun receiving harsh criticisms due to its lack of security features. The security issues present in NFC technology have caused many companies to seek out alternatives for the sake of mobile commerce.

Marks & Spencer contends with NFC malfunction

The security concerns surrounding NFC technology has begun attracting more attention. In the United Kingdom, popular retailer Marks & Spencer has caused some controversy when its mobile payments service began malfunctioning. According to consumers that had been shopping at the retailer’s stores, the NFC-based mobile payments system in these stores had begun taking money from debit and credit cards that were not intended for payment. In some cases, the payment systems have been taking money from cards as consumers pass by without engaging the system at all.

Consumers losing money on multiple, unauthorized transactions

Marks & Spencer has established mobile payment systems in its 644 stores throughout the UK. The retailer has taken a strong interest in mobile commerce because of the convenience it an offer consumers. Indeed, many shoppers praised the adoption of mobile commerce, but this praise has begun to turn sour as the security issues associated with NFC technology come to light. Some consumers that have fallen victim to the malfunction claim that the mobile payments service has charged them repeatedly, causing significant financial stress for those affected.

Retailer likely to continue supporting mobile commerce, though not NFC

Marks & Spencer has been working with financial services firms to address the issues that the malfunction has caused. The retailer is looking to refund the money of those that fall victim to the malfunction and may be inclined to join other retailers in looking for an alternative to NFC technology. While this problem may have caused some turmoil for the retailer, it is not likely to abandon mobile commerce altogether.

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