NFC technology projects from HID Global reach conclusion

NFC Technology mobile survey

HID Global NFC technology projects come to an end at Netflix and Good Technology headquarters

HID Global, a secure identity solutions developer, has announced the completion of two pilot projects concerning NFC technology. The pilot projects were meant to examine the capabilities of NFC technology in access management and whether the technology presented a significant risk for existing security systems. These projects were conducted in the headquarters of Good Technology and Netflix. Both companies made use of NFC-enabled mobile devices to participate in the pilot projects.

NFC continues to grow in popularity in security sector

NFC technology has been gaining ground in the access management space recently. The technology is capable of wireless data transmission, allowing access information to be provided from nearly any device or product containing an NFC chip. As such, a smart phone containing an NFC chip could store security information that can be easily accessed to provide a user with access to secure areas.

Pilot projects produce promising results

At the end of the pilot projects, both companies participated in a survey to provide feedback on their experience with NFC technology in access management. According to the survey, 80% of Netflx respondents felt that NFC technology was intuitive for this purpose and easily adapted to the use of NFC smart cards and other technologies provided by HID Global. The survey found similar results from respondents from Good Technology. Both companies suggested that the physical security of their buildings were improved through the use of NFC security measures and employees were regularly approached by others concerning their use of the technology and showed interest in the subject.

NFC technology may be more secure than many think

NFC technology is beginning to expand beyond the constraints of mobile commerce. Though the technology has been facing harsh criticisms for its apparent security flaws, those in the security business have deemed NFC a neutral technology. That is to say that the technology itself does not pose any inherent security threats that could compromise a system that it is being used in.

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