Mcommerce adoption is faster in the East than the West

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This, according to a global survey performed by Rakuten.

Rakuten has released the results of its worldwide research, which has indicated that consumers in the countries located in the far east have a far greater likelihood than western countries to take part in mcommerce.

The survey identified trends primarily throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

It discovered that 13 percent of consumers in Thailand and 15 percent of those from Indonesia will not hesitate to use their smartphones or tablets to make the purchase of a product or service. Comparatively, only 8 percent of Americans and people from the United Kingdom feel the same way.

The mcommerce survey included the participation of 12,000 respondents from around the world.

The primary goal of this survey was to determine the driving force behind the choice to shop on a laptop or desktop computer or to use a smartphone or tablet, instead. What was discovered was that many people still choose the traditional online experience through a laptop or desktop because mcommerce is still viewed as providing an inferior overall shopping experience. Security was also a concern that was brought to light.

Among Europeans, it was people from the U.K. who had the greatest security concerns, as 27 percent of the participants from that country said that this was their greatest worry about shopping using mobile devices. On the other hand, only 14 percent of people from Japan and Italy felt the same way.

The research also determined that individuals from Thailand were those most likely to take part in t-commerce (shopping over a tablet computer), where 35 percent of individuals with tablets used them in order to purchase a product or service. In the United Kingdom, only 14 percent had done the same, and only 18 percent in Italy.

The U.K. was also behind both Italy and Spain in terms of social shopping, whether through mcommerce or a standard PC experience. Only one quarter of the U.K. survey participants said that they had ever shared a product using social media. In Spain, 50 percent had done this, and in Italy, it was 47 percent.

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