M-commerce in the U.S. led by the largest players in the marketplace

M-Commerce Industry

M-Commerce Industry

Mobile sales growth is expected to reach a rate of 99 percent before the completion of 2012.

American sales in m-commerce are expected to increase by 99 percent this year, to reach almost $21 billion from having been at a level of $10.50 billion last year.

That said, it is the retail, travel, and ticket companies are the areas that lead this marketplace.

According to Mobile 400 prediction data, the top 10 companies will be responsible for a full 39 percent of all of the m-commerce sales in the country. The sales increases have been driven by the ever rising adoption from consumers of the mobile web in order to make purchases using their smartphones and tablets. They are purchasing products, buying tickets, and booking travel online using these devices on an ever more common basis.

From the growth and the results produced this year, m-commerce is now seen as booming in the United States.

This, according to the Internet Retailer Mobile 400’s published data analysis. The successes recorded this year, and the growth of 98.6 percent over last year, reflect only the American marketplace. Among the Mobile 400 companies alone, there was a 97.4 percent growth, bringing the sales from $5.50 billion to $10.85 billion.

There was an additional $10 billion in m-commerce sales from eBay alone, which had seen about half as much – $5 billion – last year. The reason that eBay is not included among the Mobile 400 companies is that it is a platform on which other retailers sell their products, but it is not actually a retailer, itself. Among all of the American m-commerce sales, 52 percent of it was generated exclusively through the companies on the Mobile 400. This is almost the exact same percentage that was achieved the year beforehand.

Retail sales are growing both through the use of smartphones and tablets, and m-commerce has reached the point that its growth has surpassed that of online shopping from computers. In fact, this year, the sales over mobile will grow ten times faster in the United States than the growth of standard online shopping over desktops and laptops.

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