NFC technology projects from HID Global reach conclusion

HID Global NFC technology projects come to an end at Netflix and Good Technology headquarters HID Global, a secure identity solutions developer, has announced the completion of two pilot projects concerning NFC technology. The pilot projects were meant to examine the capabilities of NFC technology in access management and whether the technology presented a significant risk for existing security systems. These projects were conducted in the headquarters of Good Technology and Netflix. Both companies made use of NFC-enabled mobile devices to participate in the pilot projects. NFC continues to grow…

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NFC technology may lead to free transportation

NFC Technology for transportation

  Security of NFC technology again called into question NFC technology is being billed, by its supporters, as a revolution for the world of commerce. The technology enables a smart phone or similar device to function as a mobile payment platform akin to a credit card. NFC has received a great deal of support from financial institutions as well as technology and telecommunications companies all over the world. There are, however, some serious concerns regarding the safety of NFC technology, some of which have not yet been addressed because of…

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Mobile commerce security a top issue in Singapore

Singapore mobile commerce shopping concerns

Concern ignited over the perceived fallacies of NFC technology New mobile commerce services were recently launched in Singapore, but consumers have shown concern regarding the security of these services. Attention has been drawn to NFC technology, which has been the subject of criticism lately due to its possible security fallacies. During this year’s Black Hat security conference in Las Vega, Nevada, it was suggested that NFC technology, by default, is not safe in terms of mobile commerce. The companies behind the launch of mobile commerce in Singapore, led by Gemalto,…

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Apple acquisition could make NFC technology more secure

Apple NFC Technology Trends mobile payments

Apple taking mobile security very seriously in light of Black Hat conference Apple may be taking its entry into the mobile commerce industry cautiously, but the company has been taking the issue of mobile security quite seriously. The famed technology company recently confirmed that NFC technology would be included in its highly anticipated iPhone 5. The technology has made headlines recently due to the focus it received at the annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Security enthusiasts have been highlighting the potential security shortfalls and risks NFC…

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NFC technology could be a boon for car thieves

NFC technology-Auto

Auto industry begins to see repercussions from use of NFC technology NFC technology may be a new addition to the marketing and commerce industries, but this is not the case with the auto industry. Automakers have been making use of NFC technology since its debut in 2004. The technology is often used as a form of contactless entry or engine starter for luxury vehicles. The auto industry has continued its use of NFC by introducing the technology to a new generation of keys and keychains. These keys are equipped with…

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