Panasonic to showcase new line of NFC-enabled appliances

appliance technology

appliance technology

Panasonic introduces plans to develop interactive appliances

Panasonic has released a new series of appliances that can be controlled using an Android mobile device. These appliances are equipped with NFC technology, which allows for wireless, short range data transmission. The Japanese technology company has taken a keen interest in NFC technology and has been experimenting with it extensively in recent years. Panasonic believes that NFC technology could bring a sleuth of enticing features to the world of electronics, many of which may be augmented through the use of cloud computing.

NFC-enabled air conditioner can be controlled by a mobile device

The technology company has introduced new models to its X series air conditioning units. The new model includes NFC technology, which will allow its settings to be tweaked through the use of an Android mobile device. Consumers will need to download a mobile application that is associated with the model, which will allow them to control the unit as long as the mobile device has a reliable connection to the Internet.

Refrigerators and washing machines will also be equipped with NFC technology

Panasonic is currently developing a refrigerator that will be able to collect data from its owner and adapt according to a consumers preferences. The data collected by the appliance can be accessed and edited using an NFC-enabled mobile device. Consumers will also be able to find out any errors the system is currently experiencing in this way as well. Panasonic has plans to incorporate NFC technology in its lines of washing machines and other appliances in the future.

Success of NFC-enabled appliances may be based on the availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices

Panasonic is poised to showcase its NFC-enabled appliances at this year’s IFA electronics show in Germany. The appliances may provide consumers with a wide variety of new services, but only those with NFC-enabled Android devices will be able to make use of the features included in these new appliances. NFC-enabled mobile devices are currently in short supply, though telecommunications and technology companies are working to remedy this issue.

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