New augmented reality applications coming from GQ Magazine

GQ Live Mobile App

GQ Live Mobile App

Magazine sets sights on augmented reality

GQ Magazine, one of the world’s leading fashion and men’s publications, has taken a keen interest in augmented reality applications. Like others in the print industry, GQ has struggled to compete with technology of various kinds. Though the magazine has fared relatively better than others, there is still a need for the publication to incorporate interactive technology. The magazine has made use of QR codes in the past in the hopes of connecting with readers, an initiative that had proven somewhat successful. Now, the magazine may be able to expound on this success through the use of augmented reality applications.

GQ Live app to make magazine a more interactive experience

GQ has announced a new mobile application called GQ Live. The app boasts of a number of innovative features that are meant to enhance the reading experience of GQ Magazine. The application allows GQ readers to activate augmented reality experience that are embedded within the magazine’s pages. A wide variety of digital content can be embedded within the magazine, ranging from videos to interactive games and even simple text. Augmented reality applications in magazines are beginning o become quite popular in the print industry due to their interactive nature.

App developed through the Aurasma platform

The application makes use of the Aurasma augmented reality platform, which is equipped with image-recognition technology that removes the need for markers that initiative augmented reality experiences. GQ expects that the GQ Live application will be somewhat popular with its advertisers, who are constantly on the lookout for new ways to engage consumers. The magazine currently has plans to make the application especially easy for advertisers to use.

British GQ has already shown the success of augmented reality

This is not the first time GQ has made use of augmented reality applications. British GQ incorporated the technology for various marketing campaigns last year. This may have proven as a basis for the GQ Live augmented reality application.

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