Mobile security partnership formed among U.S. Government, IQT and Tyfone

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Mobile SecurityNFC technology will be at the center of the strategic investment and tech development deal.

Tyfone, a mobility software and NFC technology solutions provider, has just entered into a mobile security agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT).

IQT is a nonprofit that discovers new and innovative technology solutions for the American government.

According to the IQT technology vice president, Jay Emmanuel, “Tyfone has an impressive patent portfolio and history of innovation in mobile financial, secure ID management, and NFC solutions”. He added that “We believe that Tyfone’s technology has the potential to address a wide range of complex government and commercial secure identity challenges.”

Tyfone is excited about the ability to bring its mobile security and other smartphone technology to the U.S. government.

The co-founder and CEO of Tyfone, Dr. Siva Narendra, explained that one of the primary benefits of this new strategic partnership between Tyfone and IQT is that they will be able to bring their NFC platform and their mobile security technology to the American government.

\Their platform currently includes high volume manufactured hardware, which provides NFC technology and smartcard mobile security to almost any smartphone, tablet, or even laptops and desktop computers. Furthermore, the software for the platform has already been responsible for processing more than 7million secure financial transactions. Narendra added that “we look forward to extending it to IQT’s government customers.”

The company has addressed some of the issues related to cloud services that allow smartphones and tablets to be leveraged as a transaction tool as well as a channel in order to enhance the overall customer experience. This is accomplished by providing access at any time or any location. The primary concern is that those services have opened up a new line of vulnerability.

The smartcard’s seamless addition, though, has meant that an existing device will be able to increase its mobile security through the use of Tyfone technology which includes powerful authentication and secure access on any network in the cloud. The platform also offers a wallet and a variety of mobile channel access opportunities which are highly secure. This includes government and corporate networks, as well as financial data.

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