Cost of mobile commerce fraud is on the rise

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Fraud is becoming a major problem for the mobile commerce industry The impact of fraud in the mobile commerce world is growing. According to a new study released by LexisNexis, fraud is becoming a major problem that those invested in mobile commerce may have to take steps to address. The study shows that the cost of fraud is beginning to escalate, which could lead to serious problems for merchants and consumers that are actively involved in the mobile commerce space. If fraud continues to grow, it may also attract the…

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Mobile security partnership formed among U.S. Government, IQT and Tyfone

nfc technology Mobile Security

NFC technology will be at the center of the strategic investment and tech development deal. Tyfone, a mobility software and NFC technology solutions provider, has just entered into a mobile security agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT). IQT is a nonprofit that discovers new and innovative technology solutions for the American government. According to the IQT technology vice president, Jay Emmanuel, “Tyfone has an impressive patent portfolio and history of innovation in mobile financial, secure ID management, and NFC solutions”. He added that “We believe that Tyfone’s technology has the potential to…

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