Mcommerce companies continually threatened by fraud

mcommerce mobile security

Although mobile commerce offers a tremendous opportunity for revenue generation, these threats are cutting into the bottom line. According to the results of a recent study that was conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research and LexisNexis, retailers are still hopeful to be able to generate revenue over the mcommerce channel, but they are struggling with fraud threats that run risks of $283 for every $100 that is actually lost to fraud over mobile. The study’s findings are showing that there is rapid growth being experienced over this channel. There is…

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Mobile security risks grow for small businesses with mobile payment use

Mobile Security

Though the door to opportunity may open through this technology, it also presents vulnerabilities. The American smartphone payments market is being powered primarily by small businesses that are using this technology to save money and offer convenience to their customers but it is also opening these companies up to a number of mobile security risks. At the same time, this industry is only expected to continue to grow over the next few years. Forrester Research has predicted that payments over devices such as smartphones and tablets will increase explosively from…

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Mobile security issues grow with the channel’s popularity

Mobile Security threats

Cyber crime is growing over smartphones and tablets as shopping and payments become more common. Studies are beginning to show that the comfort and confidence that consumers have with shopping and paying for purchases over their smartphones is beginning to grow, but the more common it becomes to use these devices, the bigger the mobile security threat is growing. Though the use of smartphones and tablets boosts opportunities and convenience, it also opens the door to fraudsters. Each new digital opportunity for consumers is also one that is being watched…

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Mobile commerce has consumer confidence like never before

mobile commerce services

A recent report on current trends has shown that there is a considerable upswing among smartphone users. According to a quarterly report issued by BuzzCity, consumers now find mobile commerce to be more appealing than at any other point in the history of the channel. The report focused on the various trends currently impacting the worldwide smartphone advertising industry. According to the data in the report, consumer confidence is rapidly growing and previous smartphone payments security concerns appear to be shrinking. Today, those worries are at 3 percent, when compared…

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Mobile security alerts start the new year with the first Android malware warning

Android mobile commerce

The first warnings for mcommerce concerns for Google OS smartphones and tablets released for 2013. A new and relatively damaging mobile security threat has just been announced in the form of a Trojan virus that can attack Android smartphones and tablets, and device users are being cautioned to make efforts to protect themselves against it in the 2013. This malware is capable of attacks that involve execution of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). Little is still known about this mobile security threat, but what has already been understood is that…

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