NFC technology integrated into shopping cart tablets

NFC technology tablet shopping cart

This near field communications initiative has been launched in Brazil by the global mayonnaise brand, Hellman’s. Global mayo brand, Hellman’s, has developed their own unique NFC technology idea, which they are rolling out in Brazil, as a part of a mobile marketing campaign to help consumers to know what to do with the foods that they have placed into their shopping carts. This is not the first time that Hellman’s has dabbled in tech to help to encourage the use of their products. In this latest development from the brand,…

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NFC technology enabled devices will reach 500 million next year

NFC technology Phones Delivery Notice

Half a billion devices will be equipped with these chips by the year 2014. The number of NFC technology enabled devices that will allow smartphones and tablets to transmit data such as credit card and other payments information will break the 500 million mark by the end of 2014, says a recent report. The latest study from ABI Research has shown that the number of these devices is growing fast. The ABI Research report has indicated that even by the end of this year, there will have been 285 million…

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NFC technology absent in new US Cellular mobile payments launch

mobile payments without NFC technology

Near field communication will not be a part of the most recent smartphone transaction solution. Smartphone users have yet to get on board with mobile payment solutions that are currently offered by various different financial institutions, wireless providers, and other players in the marketplace, but US Cellular has now taken its own steps into the environment, though without requiring the NFC technology that has been a common focus for many companies. This new service will not need the smartphone user’s phone to be near field communication enabled. This is a…

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NFC technology patent could be used by Sony to block used game sales

Sony wearable tech NFC technology

The video game company may use the chips to inhibit the resale of used PS4 discs. Whether it’s a sign of the times or it is just a sign of the penny pinching that has become a trend in the video game industry, Sony has just received a new NFC technology patent that would allow it to keep its PlayStation 4 games from being resold as used discs. Though the use of this ID technique is only speculation, the facts are strongly leaning in that direction. Many gamers wait for…

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NFC technology enabled print ad run for first time in Canada

NFC Technology Canada

A Canadian advertisement enabled with near field communication has been printed by the country’s providers. The very first ad featuring NFC technology has now been run in Canada in an effort to help boost the use of mobile payments within the country through the expansion of the awareness of the way that it can be used and the devices that are compatible with this format. The ads were run by a number of providers in the country in combination with Crosscliq. Crosscliq was hired by Rogers Communications, a wireless provider,…

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