NFC technology enabled smartphones may be the new car key

Car NFC technology key

Hyundai has revealed that it is looking to replace its standard locks with those operated by mobile devices. Auto manufacturer, Hyundai, headquartered in South Korea, has announced that it is working on a keyless entry system for its vehicles, based on NFC technology. This could mean that car keys will be redundant in as short a time as two years from now. The engineers at Hyundai have developed a new form of NFC technology that will allow a smartphone to lock and unlock their vehicles simply by waving the device…

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Mobile security partnership formed among U.S. Government, IQT and Tyfone

nfc technology Mobile Security

NFC technology will be at the center of the strategic investment and tech development deal. Tyfone, a mobility software and NFC technology solutions provider, has just entered into a mobile security agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT). IQT is a nonprofit that discovers new and innovative technology solutions for the American government. According to the IQT technology vice president, Jay Emmanuel, “Tyfone has an impressive patent portfolio and history of innovation in mobile financial, secure ID management, and NFC solutions”. He added that “We believe that Tyfone’s technology has the potential to…

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NFC technology lacking in iPhone has set back the entire marketplace

NFC technology mobile commerce

Research shows the failure to include near field communication tech in Apple devices has held the market back. Juniper Research, the massive analyst firm, has released a statement regarding the choice of Apple not to include NFC technology in the latest release of its iPhone device, saying that this choice has held back the progress of the marketplace by around two years. Many were surprised when Apple decided against using the wireless transfer tech in its latest devices. Now, the research company says that the United States and Western Europe…

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Atos unveils new mobile payment application

Mobile apps payments

Mobile payment application to bring new features to m-commerce Atos Worldline, a leading mobile commerce company, has announced the launch of a new mobile payment application that is ready to use around the world. The mobile payment platform is compliant with specifications coming from Visa and MasterCard and is billed as one of the most robust applications released to the mobile commerce market to date. The mobile payment application is among the first to make use of cloud-based services that have been developed by Atos Worldline. Atos combines cloud computing…

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Panasonic to launch a new flagship smart phone to embolden presence in European market

Panasonic Eluga

  Panasonic is taking a bold step toward establishing its presence in the European market by announcing its new flagship mobile device for the region. Called Eluga, the smart phone features a great deal of fancy technology and built-in applications. It is also waterproof up to a depth of six-to-eight feet. The phone will have a powerful processor capable of handling most of its processes with ease. Panasonic believes that the phone will do well because of these features, but claims that consumers will come to love the phone because…

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