Mobile marketing provides small businesses with new opportunities

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Smartphones have made it possible for smaller sized companies to reach consumers more effectively.

Traditionally speaking, advertising has been a very costly affair, and broad scale campaigns have been restricted primarily to massive corporations who have the budget required to pay millions of dollars to film and air commercials on television, for example, but mobile marketing may be changing the playing field to a certain degree.

The ability to effectively advertise using smartphone technology has allowed widespread ads to become affordable.

This is especially true when it comes to mobile marketing through the use of social media. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and even YouTube have opened up a world of opportunity that had never before been affordable to the small business. Accounts are now being updated with new products and promotions, as well as other helpful information that consumers might find useful and that will draw them to shop with a certain brand.

Mobile Marketing NewsMobile marketing has taken advertising over PCs to an entirely new level.

Though this was already becoming possible to a certain degree with traditional e-commerce, the introduction of smartphones as a commonly used device that consumers bring everywhere they go has explosively increased the importance and value of mobile marketing. Optimized websites and shopping carts and location based text messaging are inexpensive techniques that are allowing a growing number of consumers to find exactly what they want, precisely when they need it, and are encouraging them to buy over their devices or at least shop over smartphones before heading to a brick and mortar location to pick up what they want.

Smartphone friendly search capabilities and commerce options have been increasing to the point that a smartphone carrying consumer who has opted into a program can be located and provided with carefully targeted ads based on a great deal of information in order to nearly ensure relevance. Data considered includes everything from their own demographic to their location at a specific time, including their proximity to the shop and whether or not they have entered.

Mobile marketing spending in the United States increased by 69 percent, last year, to reach $6.7 billion, according to the MMA, which is also predicting that it will break the $10.46 billion mark this year.

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