Mobile advertising market has most click-through success with tablets

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A recent study revealed that larger screen device owners are picking up in their interaction with ads. According to a study published by Furion Analytics Research and Consulting LLP, the mobile advertising market is growing quickly through tablet users. In fact, the report predicted a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost 25 percent from 2014 through 2020. The mobile ad marketplace is already generating over $21 billion in annual revenue worldwide. As mobile phone and tablet shipments are set to reach almost 600 million annually by the end of…

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Mobile marketing messages seen as irrelevant by consumers

Mobile Marketing messages Campaign

Almost half of all of their recipients felt that these communications were useless, contrary to what marketers thought. According to new research that was recently released, almost half of all consumers feel that the mobile marketing messages that they receive are not as useful or relevant as retailers and marketers believe. This newly released research showed that 42 percent of U.K. consumers feel that these communications are not useful. The research was conducted by Oxygen8 Group, which found that nearly half of British consumers feel that the mobile marketing messages…

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Mobile marketing provides small businesses with new opportunities

Mobile Marketing News

Smartphones have made it possible for smaller sized companies to reach consumers more effectively. Traditionally speaking, advertising has been a very costly affair, and broad scale campaigns have been restricted primarily to massive corporations who have the budget required to pay millions of dollars to film and air commercials on television, for example, but mobile marketing may be changing the playing field to a certain degree. The ability to effectively advertise using smartphone technology has allowed widespread ads to become affordable. This is especially true when it comes to mobile…

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Mobile marketing is becoming more popular at school campus bookstores

mobile marketing on tablets

This could prove to be highly effective as the primary market for this technique is typically youth. As youth have always been the primary market for the majority of mobile marketing campaigns, it makes sense that college bookstores are planning to implement the technique in order to ramp up their business, particularly during the down seasons. The channel is going to be used to drive business year round instead of solely during the peak seasons. The Follet Higher Education Group, a college bookstore operator, has just announced its intentions to…

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Mobile marketing is most powerful in iPhone and iPad

mobile marketing guide

Apple iOS devices are leading the way in terms of smartphone and tablet advertising. According to the results of a recent study, as published in a Millennial Media report, iPhone and iPad are the undisputed leaders in mobile marketing ad impressions and the next runners up don’t even come near the results that iOS based devices are achieving. This is striking as Apple’s devices are no longer the dominant operating systems in terms of the number of users. Though Android based devices have the largest number of total users, it…

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Mobile marketing campaign at Amazon gives money away

Mobile Marketing ROI

Kindle Fire tablet users are being encouraged to use Amazon Coins virtual currency for apps. Amazon coins have just been launched as a brand new form of online currency meant exclusively for use through the apps at the Amazon Appstore and the company has started a mobile marketing promotion for users of the Kindle Fire tablets that will give them free digital money. The currency can only be used by Kindle Fire tablet users in apps from Amazon’s Appstore. The mobile marketing campaign is based on the fact that consumers…

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Mobile marketing revenue will reach a global $11.4 billion in 2013

mobile marketing data ROI

Gartner research still believes that some changes will need to be made by retailers to achieve greater success. According to recently released Gartner data, the ad revenue for mobile marketing worldwide will reach the $11.4 billion mark this year, and that this will represent a growth of 18.8 percent over the $9.6 billion that was reached last year. The worldwide revenue in this sector will also continue its growth for the next few years. In fact, Gartner has also predicted that by 2016, the global mobile marketing revenue will have…

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Mobile marketing paid search led by tablets in Q4 2012

mobile marketing spending

A new IgnitionOne report has highlighted the search spending growth including mobile advertising. A report has just been issued by IgnitionOne, in which it has revealed the results of its year-over-year mobile marketing paid search spending growth research, and in which it made some considerable discoveries based on last year’s trends. In the fourth quarter of last year, tablet focused search spending was double that of smartphones. The report showed that mobile marketing for tablets in which use3d paid search saw spending growth that was twice the amount that was…

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Mobile marketing still seeing considerable spending

Mobile Marketing statistics

By the end of this year, predictions are starting to show that growth in UK spending will be considerable. The mobile marketing environment has already become a vital part of the advertising and promotions efforts of businesses in most industries, and this will only continue to rise as the penetration of smartphones grows throughout the population. Business customers and individual consumers are relying on these devices to make their purchasing decisions. By the end of this year, it has been predicted that mobile marketing spending in the United Kingdom, alone,…

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Mobile marketing works but it’s often underestimated

mobile marketing smartphone sale

Consumers love and respond to the channel, but are under the impression that they don’t. The use of mobile marketing is picking up at a tremendous rate and consumers are highly enthusiastic and responsive to many of its various forms, driving mcommerce and offline shopping overall, but they are also under the impression that they don’t like it. Research has shown that smartphone and tablet users can’t get enough of this channel. The latest AdReaction report has just been released by the Dynamic Logic and Firefly units of Millward Brown.…

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